BRIGHTON & HOVE • William is an independent meditation teacher of the Vedic tradition. He has taught thousands of individuals from all ages, religions, backgrounds and countries to help them sustain balance and achieve success in all areas of their personal and professional lives.
Meditation offers us the greatest opportunity to live a life free of stress and anxiety. To allow ourselves to move beyond negative thought patterns and tendencies. To overcome all of our fears and negative emotions. To feel healthier and more at peace with ourselves, to feel more energized, creative and more inspired. To start using more of our brainpower, so that we can begin to access our fullest potential and to ensure we are living a life that brings us fulfillment and happiness at all times. All of these things are within the reach of each and every one of us.
Will is now dedicated to sharing this transformational knowledge with individuals and organisations across Europe to help them access their full potential. Will’s approach is relaxed and practical, thorough and relevant. His enthusiasm, coupled with his extensive knowledge of meditation, is infectious!
9 Palmeira Square
BN3 2JB Brighton & Hove, Verenigd Koninkrijk
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